Brewing Change for Female Leaders

LV 2021 Brewing Change for Female Leaders Blog ImageGabrielle Moore (Female Agribusiness Leader of the Year) shares what leadership means to her and leadership challenges for women in male-dominated industries.

Gab and partner Chris founded Sailors Grave Brewing, an iconic brand with a glowing reputation for their collaboration and genuine connection to the community.

Leadership Victoria are proud partners of Food and Fibre Gippsland’s Excellence in Agribusiness Awards, sponsoring the Female Agribusiness of the Year Award. As the 2020 winner, Gab will be taking up her spot in our Women’s Leadership Program.

Women's Leadership Program Details

The three-day retreat, held in May at the beautiful Chateau Yering in the Yarra Valley, is an opportunity for mid-to-senior women leaders to explore the systematic barriers to women’s leadership, build confidence and strategies to lead change and gain a supportive network of female peers.

So before Gab makes the four-hour commute from Orbost to the Yarra Valley to further her leadership journey, we caught up with her (virtually, of course) to look at what leadership means to her.

What does leadership mean to you?

“Leadership to me is leading by example, working hard, and taking everyone with you on the journey. Within our business, collaboration is at the heart of everything we do, if you’re not collaborating then you’re probably a dictatorship, and we all know how that ends don’t we? Especially in our region of East Gippsland, where we’re quite remote, we lean on our peers and we’re stronger together. I’m happy to be vulnerable and honest about my shortfalls as a leader. I don’t think having faults is a bad thing but being ignorant of them and not trying to address them, especially if it negatively affects your team or others, is not being a good leader.”

What are you hoping to come away with from the Women’s Leadership Program? 

“Overcoming imposter syndrome, which I see is one of the outcomes of the leadership program. I think all women probably suffer from this one! I have a huge fear of public speaking, which I find holds me back, so it would be great to address this in a nurturing environment. Hacks to manage the work/life balance conundrum.”

What are the main leadership challenges and rewards as a woman in a male-dominated industry? 

“One of the biggest challenges is the assumption of my role in our business, I’m often delegated to the bookkeeper role, or that I don’t even like beer and I’m tagging along with my hubby! Traditionally beer was brewed by women, but over the period of the industrial revolution, it has become largely dominated by men. I do feel that the influence of myself and other women is changing our industry for the better by bringing back more interest and diversity to beer. It might not be obvious from the outside looking in, but I can see the change and I know where it’s coming from.”

What gives you the most joy or pride in your leadership journey so far? 

“I love to foster talent and unlock opportunities, it’s a great joy to me when I see people reach their potential.”

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